We have had a great start on 2017! The organisation is growing and the team we have is really a Tech Top Team. Together we have a wide experience, but also an important knowledge of what’s next and how to use it in the best possible way for our clients.

To strengthen our team (even more) we’re now looking for more java developers to join. We’re looking for someone who is at a senior level, but the number of years is not crucial. We’re more interested to find someone who works and thinks in the way we do. If you feel that you really know your backend and also are able to handle the full stack of a web/api application in Java, you are most definitely on the right side from a technical point of you. If you also know how to use the latest technology in the best possible way to create and find the optimal solution, this could be a match!

You will play an important part in our team, taking a technical lead role within Java and working with your colleagues on exiting projects. You will be a bastion of Java knowledge and experience that others can rely on.

We know that there is always a challenge to find someone where both parties have the feeling of ‘I more than like this… I want this!’, but we’re so ready for the challenge of finding the perfect match.  – Are you?!

We like challenges of all kind and most of our projects goes under that flag. So, to see if you’re up for this of course there is a challenge for you to start out with!


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