On Friday it’s Midsummer and it’s usually to see as the last milestone before we consider the first half of the year as done. You look back and hopefully you are satisfied of what you have accomplished and you can finally close your laptop and go on summer vacation with a happy smile.

When I’m looking back on the first six month of 2017 I can definitely say that it has been a fantastic time and I feel satisfied of what we have accomplished.

Symbio Sweden is growing and we have more than ten (10) new people on board since the beginning of this year. We have strengthened our team with a broader skill base, both from a technical aspect of course but also with personal skills. The strategy has been to get the right people in, those who can strengthen our culture with what makes us unique but also to make us more visible.

With so many new people starting in such a short period, I’m very pleased with the result. I think we have done a great job together and it’s very clear to us what will happen when we work together and what amazing things we can accomplish. What the effect will be when using all individual experiences and competence are shared together with colleagues and team members. How individual passion for what you’re doing can spill over to others and how that will energize the team and the projects we work on.

We believe that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. If the sum of 1 + 1 is 2, we are doing something wrong, it’s a red flag. It should always be 3.

To accomplish that, we need to work together, work smarter, learn from each other and pay attention to where we need to add what’s missing to make the chain whole and strong. We develop a culture that encourage people to use their creativity to test and try their ideas and new ways of thinking.

When using the collaborative energy combined with space for everyone to work on what they really feel passioned about, we know by experience that this makes us competitive as a trusted partner for our clients and we can meet our customers’ expectations. We are able to deliver on the theory of 1+1=3 and that brings greater value that we pass onto our customers.

So, to summarize this first six months of 2017. It has been great, it has been fantastic and also challenging. However, if it’s not a challenge, what fun is it then?!

Me and my great team wish you all a great summer and looking forward to the fall, we are all exited for the projects and challenges to come!

//Carolina Emanuelson (TM)

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