Chief Technical Officer


I am the CTO of Symbio Sweden, meaning I just could be the most technology focused person among us (maybe doubtful ?). I enjoy immensely to discuss, research and apply both the latest trends and proved concepts in innovative product and services. Which cloud platforms or software libraries do really bring value to the customer or product?, especially in the long term? Symbio is a company that works with many innovative ideas and companies, which happily for myself brings one of my main passions into my daily work – creating great software and services.

My background includes ~15 years of tech-related work, with combinations of software development and architecture (mostly Java / .Net / Android / Web), multiple customer and project deliveries from management perspective, both large and small; personell/operational and business leadership roles, together with long withstanding entrepreneurial engagements. Having a background of multiple roles and situations brings perspective, which is very valuable. This creates a flexibility for the tasks at hand. Creating successful products or services doesn’t necessarily depend much on the technology choices, instead choosing the right features or executing a good strategy around the products can be just as important; we at Symbio understand this and try to coach our customers in these areas as well.

Today technology wise, I try to focus most of my energy on maintainable mobile solutions and flexible scalable backends. Many products we work on are in this area.

I love working with

Inspired groups of people that together can create innovative solutions. The intersection of Technology and Business and all that it entails. Leading teams and people, preferably with multiple cultural backgrounds.

Some trivia

I have ~40 connected things in my apartment but do not yet consider it a smart home. Racquet sports is a passion, where I watch every grand slam in Tennis and played extensively as a kid. I travel very much and like historical and cultural history much more than the beach. Always curious, and always happy to learn. Some say I talk much, and that’s probably true.

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