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We are a growing organisation and as a Talent Manager, I’m responsible for how to attract talents but also how to develop and retain the ones we have. Together with my colleagues I’m building a professional team and my part is to add the HR-perspective which further extends attracting, engaging and retaining  the top talents.

I truly believe in defining top talents in the context of your company. You have to think about what your company is doing, where your are, where you going and what defines your culture. When searching for talents I always try to keep in mind ”recruit for culture, not just skills”. My passion and motivation is to find potential employees with the skills we need but even more, to look beyond that and find the ones with values important for our company, such as passion, respect, individual responsiblity and the desire to grow. When all that come together, I have a perfect match. It’s challenging but also what keeps me motivated and passioned about my work.

Could you be the next perfect match? Give me a call (+46 76 130 24 04) or send me an email and let’s  start a conversation!


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Talent Management, Recruiting, Headhunting, Human Resources, Employer Branding

Some trivia

Beside work, I love spending time with my friends. They all give me a lot of inspiration and insights in different ways.

When I need some time alone… the gym is a perfect place for that.

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