Project Manager

Develop intuitive products and tools that contributes easy, efficient and enjoyable everyday life, that is what drives and engages me!

I like new challenges and put great ideas to reality. To get your ideas to a realisation is the main key to understand each other. That’s why I started to work within requirement collections and be the link between an idea and the product development. I’ve worked with requirement collections and lead project development for a product that focused on Swedish musicality’s needs. From that I experienced the challenge to building a product that should satisfy many different users and needs.

I love work within teams that have a mix of competences, personalities, culture and love what they do. That is what i believe, a work for success. Today’s changing technology gives you the possibility to get your creativity flow. At Symbio i get to work with the combinations that I’m passionate about.

I love working with

Product Development, Requirement collections, User Interface and User Experience.

Some trivia

Outside work like to create and try new things. It can variates a lot from jumping out of a plan with a parachute, hike up for mountains or top-rope climbing. I like the struggling part of doing this together and then have a deserved dinner with together.

But I don’t do parachuting and mountains climbing every day.. So my usual days outside work i like to yoga and work on my paintings and product ideas.

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