Software Developer

I am a software developer with over 9 years of professional experience developing desktop and embedded applications for enterprises like Nokia Institute of Technology and Samsung Electronics where I worked as a Team Leader for a global project and developed mobile applications. In the last years I dedicated my career developing cross-platform applications using Qt/C++ and spent some time trying to turn on a lamp using Arduino.

I love working with

C++ (Qt/QML) – C – Cross-Platform Development – Javascript (jQuery, Sencha) – Web Services – Mobile Development (Android, Tizen) – Continuous Integration – Databases (Postgres, SqLite) – Prototype with Arduino

Some trivia

When I’m not working you can find me online playing video game, traveling (I’m sure in this case you will not find me) or making some delicious food.
-Trust me, my wife told me I’m a great chef.​ 🙂

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