iOS Developer

I’m a results-oriented iOS developer writing highly readable, clean and maintainable source code. I find it intuitive to contribute to a good user interface experience along with being eager to learn more about architecture and design patterns.

I’ve had the opportunity to travel to different offices around the world and work with colleagues and customers from different cultures, as well as working with different types of projects learning how to find a good balance between quality vs quantity.

I started out as a game developer during my studies at KTH. The games were implemented using web technologies and was targeting Smart TVs for customers all over the world. My role was to come up with ideas for games, implement them and deploy them alongside working closely with designers and customers. It was a very fun and creative work!

As a newly graduated junior developer I started out with iOS development, in the beginning focusing mostly on the UI. Along the way I got to be involved in architecture decisions and learning more about design patterns. I’ve worked a lot with Video On Demand apps including streaming content, support for AirPlay and Chromecast etc.

I love working with

iOS development, Swift, Objective-C, GIT, Scrum, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Java

Some trivia

I’m passionate about being creative and innovative, both in coding as well as in life. There’s always some absorbing project going on for me and one in particular is music production. When I’m not sitting down I like to practice combat and dance!

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