UX/UI Designer

I believe that challenges are essential for learning and develop yourself. If something new doesn’t give you the ‘scary feeling’, it’s not challenging enough and it won’t make us stronger. So, this is the reason I am always open to try new things, to learn, even if it sometimes feels like Im throwing myself out in something completely unknown.

I am very passionate about design and how things can be made in a better way when using design principles. Every day new trends and new ways of creation are being developed, we must learn and use them. Getting in touch with new technologies to make better solutions and learn how to use them combined with new ideas and concepts are part of my daily activities.

Through my seven years of professional experience, I worked in several areas, such as print design, ad-visuals, front-end web development, UI mobile development and interaction design. I obtained a good knowledge of visual design and usability skills. Also, my attention to details on the usability aspects and my creativeness when solving problems got improved due to my daily activities.

I love working with

Art Direction, layouts and compositions, interaction design, prototyping, workflows and wireframe.

Some trivia

When I am not working, I like reading, taking photos, traveling, watching movies and drama series.

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