Solution Architect

As a Solution Architect I strive to always have the business value in focus. It’s really complex to make something simple but that’s what I find  exiting in my work.  Problem solving, meaning finding a solution to something no one have done before and making models that are easy to understand when communicating with both developers, users and stakeholders, is something I always find interesting and challening.

I’m a Certified Microsoft .NET-Architect, Azure-Architect, Certified SOA Specialist and I’m a full stack developer.

I have worked as an IT-consultant in many different industries since 1995, last 3 years I worked with large scale video streaming systems.

I’m very curious for new technology and software.

I always try to practice Lean Thinking in every activity I do, seeing waste and eliminate waste.


I love working with

Entrepreneurs with passion and belief that they can change the world.

The technology that makes it possible to watch TV on Internet.

Some trivia

On my free time I like to play with my three children, I also enjoy building on my cabin in Stockholm archipelago. I like to practice sports performed on water in various forms such as downhill skiing, scuba diving and water skiing.

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