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Keep it simple even when it isn´t. That´s my motto.  I am both a creative mind and very strategic structured person. Half of my work life has been as a graphic designer and the other half as Project/Product manager, often technically oriented. Now these two worlds have merged and make sense for me.

There are some things that need to be in my work mix that I find here at Symbio. The main ingredient is Creativity, if I don´t get some everyday I soon get bored. Creativity for me takes expression usually in some problem solving. Sometimes it´s designs such as UX which I still love.

I need to work with people that have and can demonstrate passion for themselves and their work. Today I believe that a strong team of people is made from their differences rather than in their similarity; you must share the same vision and a passion for what we do, together united.
My work, my role and my team needs evolve. I want to learn all the time and put that knowledge into my work. I am at the right spot now.
You are also welcome 🙂

I love working with

Business Development, Product Development, User Experience. User Interface, Product Marketing, Social Media.

Some trivia

Beside Work most of my time is spent with my partner and our three children. If there is some time left my passions are: Downhill Skiing, Scuba Diving, Thai boxing, Photography, Design and Music.

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