Web Developer

In the Last 7 years, I have been involving in web development to distribute professional and good quality solutions for the client, like being long term oriented and well documented code, best knowledge conveying, good practices following.

I usually take responsibility in both backend and front-end and likes open source quite much. Right now I am keeping a main focus on mobile development in my current career phrase.

I always try to expand my skills and always staying hungry and foolish for new techlogy like AR/VR deep learning, Iot, etc. I am so intrested and exicited in using them and seeing how they will shape the new future. I know.. big things will happen:)

I love working with

Drupal(from 6 to 8), Java (Spring), Javascript (jQuery, Angularjs, React), Java Android, React Native, MySQL, Progressive Web App(Google promoted techlogy)

Some trivia

I love table tennis, climbing and meditation.

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