We’re living in a day and age where we find that transparency is even more and more important. It’s not only about finding information about a product you want to buy, a hotel reservation you’re planning to make or a place you want to go to. The behavior is in fact the same when choosing your next employer. I know.. it could feel a little bit scary (!) because it means a lot of people are probably googling you, right now and all of the time.

To become a successful company in terms of growing your business you need to have the right employees on board. That’s old news. But how do we know if someone is right for us or not?

– Skills. Knowledge and experience are one thing, but the inter personal skills: how do we make sure that these potential employees are the ones we’re looking for?

If we know our company culture, our values and what kind of personality that will fit in the existing culture and helping us to develop the business in the direction we’ve decided upon, then we have an indication of who would be the right match for us.

But this thinking isn’t only a one sided. The people you would like to recruit are most probably thinking the same thing. They’re trying to find a work place that will fit with their personality too, in helping them to grow and develop and to use their full potential. When we as an employer are trying to find out information about the candidate to see if we could be a match for each other, they’re defenitely doing the same.

research made recently indicated that 83% of those who were thinking of changing employment, researched the company they’re interested in. They search for information in social channels and talk to friends and family who can give them more background in making a decision to apply or not.

To find and attract the ones who are the perfect fit for our organisation, we need to be transparent about who we are. Helping the candidate with information and facts of who we really are will help them and hopefully make it easier for them to decide to consider us as and in the end, make a contact or not.

I admit, it’s not easy to know where to start the’ transparency journey‘, but small steps are better than nothing.

-Instead of talking about our workplace from a marketing/managing perspective, trying to let everyone know how great we are, we decided to start with letting our employees do the talking. They know how it is to work at Symbio, they can compare us with former work places and give you (who for some reason decided on researching us!), up to date information from an inside perspective and give you a chance to decide if we’re what you’re looking for.

So..here we go, from two of our developers. Enjoy!

//Carolina Emanuelson (TM)

Jannica Thun, iOS Developer

“I started at Symbio coming from a more of a corporate-kind-of company. I “fell in love” by the startup-feeling with it’s flexibility and innovative projects and one thing that quickly caught my eye on my first visit to the office was the table tennis table.

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